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Pear Inc Juliette has a gun

Pear INC Juliette has a Gun

"I designed this new fragrance thinking about the return of warm sunny days and of my favourite fruit, the Pear. I remember, as a child, noticing its intriguing shape standing out from the others in the fruit bowl. With Pear Inc., I have imagined a refreshing fragrance, with a hint of "gourmandise". A fruity musk, enhanced with Ambroxan and Pear, like the promise of a beautiful summer." Romano Ricci

A bottle that looks like the fruit in an intense green, blending rnthe colour of its skin and its luxuriant leaves. Pear Inc.'s bottlernis topped with a metallic lid, a color gradient decoration rnand a silver hot stamp.rnAll featuring the brand's most recent signature.

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