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A rooftop in Paris. Three dancers prepare for an unknown performance on a film set. The camera rolls. We watch as they compose themselves for their individual roles, refining physical movement, entirely introspective and focused. As they begin to rehearse, they dance for each other, unaware of the unseen audience. We witness the antithesis of dancer as extrovert performer, capturing on film the intimate moments in which their artistry is born.

Momentarily muted; the city continues its chaotic rhythm below them; the metaphoric eyes of the audience from which the are fleetingly released. This is the Interlude. The pause that punctuates the continuum of narrative.

And so we find a pause in the grand narrative devised for Amouage by Christopher Chong. The characters which have defined each of his earlier fragrances are briefly at rest. The mysterious olfactory layers of his creations are disclosed, revealing the quiet artistry of his work. As the piano echoes, the beguiling heart of Interlude is revealed; a serene, harmonious heart is unveiled in a challenging universe of contradiction and disorder.In the heart of chaos and disorder this floral chypre reveals an interlude moment of unity and sentiment.

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